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Rows 1 to 5. Calypso Publications

Rows  6 & 7. FAO Publications

Row 8. Magazines and Fish Catching Books

Row 9. North American Fishes

Row 10. Oceanography and Marine Biology

Row 11. European Fishes and Goldfish / Koi

Row 12. Tropical Aquarium Fishes

Row 13. Marine Fishes

Row 14. General Aquarium Titles

Rows 15-17. General Aquarium Titles

Row 18. Miscellaneous

Row 19 & 20 Antiquities and older publications


1. Calypso Titles Mediterranean Gobies, blennies, wrasses and shore fishes Italian Sea Fishes. A Guide to recorded species European Sea Fishes. Gibraltar to Norway.Taxonomic List European Sea Fishes.An illustrated identification Guide Aegeran, Greek and Eastern Mediterranean Fishes The Sea and Freshwater Fishes of Arabia The Sea and Freshwater Fishes of Arabia The Sea and Freshwater Fishes of Arabia
2. Calypso Titles CLOSFECA. The sea fishes of the eastern Central Atlantic and west african coast Asian Freshwater Fishes A Manual of Hookless Fishing CLOSFICA Sea Fishes of the North-Western Atlantic African Freshwater Fishes The Calypso Photographic Library A History of tropical marine fishkeeping in the U.K.
3. Calypso Titles Sea and Freshwater Fishes of Australia and New Guinea Part One Sea and Freshwater Fishes of Australia and New Guinea .Part Two The Freshwater Fishes of America Synthetic Seawaters. Artifical seawater African Cichlids Ameican Freshwater Fishes Spanish Fishes Marine Aquarium Chemistry
4. Calypso Titles MEDITERRANEAN FISHES, A DODECALINGUAL INDEX OF RECORDED SPECIES Sea and Freshwater Fishes of Australia and New Guineaing Marine Fishes  
5. Calypso Titles Fishes of the Indian Ocean Mediterranean Fishes Mediteranean Fishes Tropical Marine Fishkeeping Mediterranean Gobies, Blennies and Wrasses   Fishes of the Indian Ocean
6. FAO Titles Fishes of the Gulf of Guinea Africa FAO Caesionidae Fishes of Sri Lanka Fishes of Pakistan Fishes of Northern South America
7. FAO Titles Billfishes Gempylidae Groupers Lampreys and Hagfish
8.Magazines & Fish Catching The AQuarist and Pondkeeper The AQuarist and Pondkeeper TFH Tropical Fish Hobbyist Petfish monthly Practical fishkeeping MariNews Fish catching methods of the world How to make and set nets The fish we catch
9. North American Fishes Fishes of the gulf of mexico Fishes of the Atlantic coast Common and scientiofic names of fishes Common Ocean fishes of the California coast Fishes of California Freshwater Fishes Fishes of Utah
10.Biology / Oceanography The biology of marine animals The Fertile Sea. Orr Oceans Ocean life CLOFNAM II A History of fishes. Norman Fishes of the Estern North Atlantic and the Mediterrnean Fishes An introduction to iochthyology
11.European Fishes & Goldfish Fishes of Britain and Europe Fishes Freshwater Fishes Fishes of the British and Northern European seas Coldwter Fishes Understanding Coarse fishes Goldfish as pets Coldwater fishkeeping
12. Tropical Aquarium Fishes
13. Marine  Fishes  
14.General Aquarium Titles
15. Area by Area
16. Area by Area
17. Area by Area
16. Miscellaneous
19.Older Manuscripts
20.Older Manuscripts

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